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STANYS is a state wide association comprised of 16 separate geographically defined "Sections".  There are leadership positions that are directly associated with a particular section and others that are cross sectional.  The governing body of the Association, the Board of Directors, reflects this leadership model.


STANYS Leaders List, Names Only

STANYS Committees, Names Only

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which define the structure, roles ... of the BOD.

Board of Directors

Executive Board: President, President-Elect,
Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Past-President

Directors at Large (DAL):

Director of Committee (DOC):

Associated, across sections, with a specific subject area or level (ie. Physics, Elementary)
(STANYS DAL Handbook)

Associated, across sections, with an identified group (ie. Applied Sciences, Retirees)

Section Directors: Representing a specific STANYS Section, the Section Director is the direct liaison with and voting member of the STANYS BOD. 
Special Directors:  Associated with specific STANYS initiatives, appointed by the STANYS BOD.

Section Leadership

Section Chairperson: The chairperson of the Section Board of Directors Committee and liaison with other Sections/STANYS BOD.
Section Director: The direct liaison with the STANYS BOD. Section Directors are elected by the regular members of that Section for one-year terms.  The number of Section Directors for a specific Section is determined by the number of active members in that Section. (see Section Leadership List link)
Subject Area Representative (SAR):SARs represent a specific subject area or an identified group at the STANYS Section level.  They work to support teachers within the section on issues related to science content and pedagogy.  SARs across STANYS work together under the guidance of the DAL, especially on presenting at the Annual Conference.  (see Section Leadership List link)
Section Board Committee: Elected annually, this Board is comprised of: Section Chairperson, Section Vice Chairperson, Section Secretary, Section Treasurer in addition to the Section Director(s).  A list of the Section Leaders is usually found on the Section's website.


STANYS Committees

STANYS has several established executive and other standing committees.  You can view the Committees and Committee member list on the Committee webpage. (see link above)

Examples include:
Annual Conference Committee
STANYS Bulletin Committee
Finance Committee
Constitution Committee
Professional Development Committee
Science Student Honor Society Committee


Board of Directors Meetings:  Meetings of the Board of Directors are held within NYS.  The Annual Meeting of the Board in each year is held immediately prior to the Annual Meeting of the Members. Currently the Annual Meeting of the Members is held early in November.  Other regular meetings of the Board are held no less than once during the year. An additional meeting of the Board is held in early May.

Board of Directors elections: For elected positions, Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting of Members by a plurality of the votes cast by members prior to the meeting.

Section Leadership Elections: Ballots are cast by each section in the Spring of the year with results reported  to the STANYS BOD by mid-May.

Contact Information:
PO Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089-2121


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