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The Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS) is New York's oldest and most respected professional organization of science educators. Our membership of Pre-K to University and Informal science educators creates a collaborative association that is invaluable for our organization and for science education in New York State.

Mission: The Science Teachers Association of New York State (STANYS) promotes excellence in science education.  Its mission is to work with educators and communities to provide opportunities for ALL students to participate in and learn science.

  • Student centered education that excites and invites participation by all students will be the prime focus of STANYS supported activities.
  • A collaborative/partnership relationship will be maintained with other professional and community organizations.
  • A communications network will be maintained including: telecommunications, newsletter and other publications.
  • Exemplary programs and effective teaching practices based on tested research will be identified, recognized, modeled and promoted.

Our community of Pre-K to University and Informal Science educators gather annually in early November at the Annual Conference.

During the year we promote and recognize excellence within our community of 
educators and community of students.

Student focused

Student Focused
Educator focused

Excellence in:
Elementary Science Teaching
 Intermediate Science Teaching
 High school Science Teaching

New Teacher Conference Award

STANYS Foundation Award

Champion of Teacher Development Award

Partnerships and collaborative relationships are viewed as vital to the future of science education in NYS.  Our networking efforts extend from the Member to the National level. 






Contact Information:
PO Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089-2121


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