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STANYS and AmazonSmile

AmazonSmile: Purchase at AMAZON.COM and support STANYS at the same time!   STANYS is now listed as a charitable organization on AmazonSmile    It...

STANYS Science Congress Resul…

STANYS State Science Congress Results Over the years Regional science fairs were encouraged in STANYS Sections across the State, and a number...

Conference Announcement

  122nd Annual STANYS Conference     Conference Pages are on-line at STANYS Annual Conference 2017 Conference Registration will be opening the week of August 21st   Exhibitor...

Summer NYSSLS Sessions

  If this Summer Sessions have been filled, look for the opportunity to attend a session with Paul Anderson at the Annual Conference...

STANYS Professional Development


STANYS is pleased to announce that we will proudly be sponsoring professional development opportunities with the help of the following Professional Development Partners.




Link to More Information


NSTA-STANYS Joint Membership Option


STANYS and NSTA are pleased to offer a joint membership—join both organizations and save money!

Join both STANYS and NSTA for one year for $108—a savings of $15.



More about STANYS Membership Options

Your professional organization is working on your behalf on many levels.  Our strength comes from the community of teachers of science across NYS.  

As we strive to create a strong network of educators, we are thoughtful of making membership available to our members.  Check out the many options for membership. 


Student (Pre-service) Membership

Regular Membership (annual or a discounted 2 yr. membership)

Associate Membership

Retiree Membership

Group (District) Discount

NSTA Joint Membership


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