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STANYS 124th Annual Conference 
November 2 - 4, 2019



Our theme - “Transforming Innovations into Reality in Science” 


Platinum Level

Bronze Level

"Transformation in science education is revolutionary because it represents new ways of thinking about teaching and learning. Any effective transformation of science teaching rests with the teacher and the interactions with the students.

Transforming Innovations into Reality in Science (TIRS) is where the rubber hits the road - in our science classrooms. TIRS involves organizing instruction around compelling phenomena. Just as curiosity sparks innovation, teachers use the student’s curiosity to engage them in three-dimensional learning.

Join your fellow teachers of science around the TIRS theme at the 2019 STANYS conference November 2-4 in Rochester.  As you are willing to use evidence-based principles for teaching and learning, it will create new exciting opportunities for your professional growth."    Kenneth Huff, STANYS President

Read about TIRS as written by Ken in the STANYS Newsletter (5 Installments)

It's a P.D. Bargain

Where else can you spend two and one-half days getting this much high quality science teaching professional development at such a reasonable price?

Nov. 2 - Nov. 4 2018
Friday Nov. 1 - Pre-Conference Day
Saturday - Monday
at the
Rochester Riverside Convention Center
123 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14604

It's a $$ Bargain

The STANYS Annual Conference continues to be a professional development bargain, in that, the fees for registration, special events, and meals have just a small increase this year.


in engaging in conversations about NYSSLS and 3D instruction?

Preparing for NYSSLS implementation?

Ready to shift to a student-centered classroom that uses science practices to engage students in science content?

Looking for lessons to engage students in phenomena?

Desiring to connect with colleagues who also love teaching science?

Pursuing more "CTLE" accredited opportunities?


in learning more about NYSSLS and 3D instruction?

Need to get started on NYSSLS aligned courses?

Ready to shift to a student-centered classroom that uses science practices to engage students in science content?

Looking for lessons to engage students in phenomena?

Desiring to connect with colleagues who also love teaching science?

Pursuing more "CTLE" accredited opportunities?

Preparing for
NYSSLS implementation?



Attend workshops and subject area institutes to experience:

  • Timely information for implementation
  • Strategies to make science a “verb” in your classroom
  • Meeting and sharing ideas with like minded people.

Join us at the 124th STANYS conference to find support for science practice, interpreting and implementing the  NYS science standards.

  • Sessions facilitated by recognized instructional innovators who are transitioning the new vision for science education into a reality.
  • CTLE credit available


Open Workshops
Freedom to move among workshop sessions without pre-selecting to customize learning opportunities to best suit your needs. The exception to this are the Subject Area Institutes.

Subject Area Institutes
A series of workshop sessions  within a subject area with a "Science Content Area" focus.  You will be able to pre-register for these when you register for the Conference.

CTLE Approved Sessions
 “CTLE Approved” sessions for teachers needing PD credits.  The total number of CTLE workshop credits available by attending the full conference is 10.  Additional credits available for Keynote Speakers, Subject Area Institutes and the Victor Sampson workshop.

Sunday Breakfast Panel Discussion
This year's discussion topic will be related the conference theme of transitioning innovations into reality in science education.   STANYS is facilitating a panel discussion related to how individuals involved in science education share the responsibility of transitioning our new vision of science education for all students into a reality that improves science teaching and learning in our classrooms.

Using the New Visions Science Curriculum to Support the Shift to the NYSSLS
Pre-Conference Friday

Join us on Friday, November 1st from 8:30am - 3:00pm for a full day of professional learning with New Visions' free high school science instructional materials.  All HS Science Teaches welcome!

Workshop has a modest fee and includes Lunch.


FLCC Muller Field Station
Friday Field Trip
Join us to explore diversity at the Finger Lakes Community College Muller Field Station. Participate in activities to learn about the regional wildlife. Hike trails looking for animal signs and checking camera traps. Join in the discussion about the habitats and diversity of the animals in this area.

Friday Evening Dinner Event
Jeff Musial, animal expert and frequent guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will entertain us with his vast knowledge of exotic animals and his comedic performance.
This is a special Friday evening pre-conference dinner event - the evening begins at 6:00 pm and includes a buffet dinner. 

Monday Workshop
Argument Driven Inquiry
with Victor Sampson

This special workshop is a Conference Monday option from 9 AM to 3PM.  There is an extra charge and lunch is included.  Special registration is required.

Victor Sampson teaches both undergraduate and graduate level science education courses that focus on how people learn, instructional design, and assessment.

Come join him as he shares his current focus of how students participate in argumentation in the context of science, engineering, and mathematics and ways to make the interactions that take place between students, materials, and ideas more productive in terms of learning.

Alan Seidman, Annual Conference Chair 

Contact information:
P.O. Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089

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