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View the Conference Program (Schedule, Workshop Sessions, Speaker Info...)

Finding workshop resources shared by presenters and speakers,
for individuals who registered for the conference.

In order to find any shared presentation resources, please follow the steps below:

Using the App - log into the App

Using a browser - go to and log in

1. Either through the conference agenda or your personalized schedule ("My Schedule" if you loaded your conference agenda into the app), find the workshop title under the appropriate date and time block.

2. Click on the box for the workshop offering. This will bring you to the workshop description. If the presented has shared any files, the files or links will appear underneath the title of the workshop.

Sharing Conference Resources

Devonian Fossil Dig 
View/Download Devonian Period Resources  (Power Points/PDF)

Conference Speaker Resources

Fellows Speaker - Beau Lotto

Contact Information:
PO Box 2121
Liverpool, NY 13089-2121


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