Foundation Award

Foundation Award

Foundation Award 


About the STANYS Foundation

The focus of the Foundation Award is TEACHERS of Science. This competitive award provides funds to PreK-16 classroom teachers for legitimate science enrichment opportunities within and beyond the classroom. The applicant must be a member of STANYS for 3 current consecutive years or more. The limit per award is $500.  A total up to $1000 may be awarded each year. A member is limited to one award per school year.

Sources for the funds include the balance of a grant from the Olin Chemical Corporation, rebates from the Hawaii 2000 Travel Agency, donations from members and proceeds from the STANYS Store.


The Foundation Philosophy



Our mission is to enrich the quality of teaching and learning in New York State classrooms. This is aligned with STANYS’s Mission and Goals (See



The goal of the Foundation is to support legitimate science enrichment opportunities for teachers and students in grades PreK-16 in order to cultivate continued interest in science and what science has to offer. Awards may support the purchase of equipment or opportunities for teachers to participate in action research, workshops, or other predetermined activities.


Criteria for Selection:

Part 1

  • ØData Section complete and membership requirement met.
  • ØTitle captures the essence of the award proposal.

Part 2

  • ØEvidence of alignment to the New York State Learning Standards in Science or current science standards.
  • ØExpectations and/or outcomes that you will receive from this experience
  • ØPotential of sharing with colleagues of equipment and/or materials as a professional development activity.
  • ØPotential of sharing locally through a presentation to the Section STANYS Membership or to the State STANYS Membership. As a prospective second presentation, another science focused organization is acceptable.

Part 3

Commitment to one of the requirements in Part 3 of the Application

  • ØWrite an article for the State STANYS Newsletter
  • ØWrite an article for the STANYS Bulletin

Application form (Updated Form Dec. 2016)


Applications and accompanying materials must be dated between September 1 and January 30. You will be notified about the results of the application by February 15 or before.


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